Providing over 200 hours of play this summer!

with Church Army

Because of your support our teams across the UK and Ireland will provide over 200 hours of play this summer!

Across the UK & Ireland, Church Army Evangelists and partners, are running children’s clubs and family fun days to bring joy into the school holidays.

Through sports camps, football academies, youth adventure days, to Bible clubs with craft, games, songs, and stories; we are investing in the lives of more than 500 children this summer.

Whilst the cost-of-living crisis continues to bite, it’s expected that the average family will need to find nearly £1000 to cover the six weeks of holiday childcare.

Many of our Centres of Mission have risen to the challenge and have put in countless hours to prepare free, fun, and memorable activities for families and children in the holidays.

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Belfast, Northern Ireland

This is the first time in years that a holiday club has been offered in the Glen Cairn estate.

“I believe kids should be the life blood of any church.  Our children need to be immersed in God’s word which is no longer happening in school or home.” Karen Webb, Belfast Centre of Mission

Did you know our generation today is the first missing generation of the church, being absent from Sunday schools, school prayers and nativity shows, with no knowledge of the stories we take for granted – such as, David & Goliath, Daniel and the Lion’s Den, the Parable of the Loaves and Fish?

“This week we have had 40 children register to be part of a Bible Club exploring the Gospel through the Narnia tales. We’ve played games, watched videos, laughed, and sung our hearts out.

One child said to his mum, ‘Did you know God made us? Mum, he created us all, can we go and meet him?’

To talk to children about faith, to see their eyes light up and to hear their questions, fuels the God-fire within me and pushes me to be a better Evangelist. Leading children into a life of faith in Christ, will transform our world, our churches, and our communities.”

“Most people I’m talking to aren’t getting a proper holiday this year as they simply can’t afford to, and so I thought if they can’t get away let’s bring something fun to them.”

Ruth Hills, Southampton Centre of Mission

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Hawick, Scotland

“This is the second year we’ve run the Burnfoot Holiday Club. For most of the children this is one of the highlights of the summer holidays, giving them a space where they can discover the love of God and be free to be who God intended them to be.

One of our highlights was making marshmallow shooters out of plastic pipes, with the help of our local college, and then blasting each other with mini-marshmallows!

We had five churches working together to make this holiday club happen. It’s such a privilege to work with others, showing the love of God to the children of the estate.

Tim Hatton, A7 Centre of Mission

Manorhamilton and Bundoran, Ireland

“We had 25 kids coming along to the 3-day kids’ clubs. It was brilliant to see both local and international children coming together being detectives “On the Case” solving Bible mysteries.

One parent remarked on how the club was a lifeline for them this week, giving them a much-needed break. Another family was particularly appreciative of how we enabled their child with autism to engage in the program and feel included.

Children’s ministry is important because it is to Jesus. Jesus welcomes every person to come, and that includes kids.

We know research shows that most Christians come to faith before the age of 21, which means introducing children to Jesus is so important for not only their future, but also the future of the wider church.”

Hannah O’Neill, Sligo Centre of Mission

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