Meet our HR Team

This week, we are praying for one of the Church Army teams that you won’t often find in the spotlight. Behind the scenes, the HR and Volunteering Team do an incredible job of looking after our staff and volunteers. Their work is a ministry of care for people, and it enables CA’s frontline work.

👋Hey from the HR Team

“Hi! We’re the CA HR and Volunteering Team. It’s our job to facilitate the employee life journey of our 175 staff across the UK and Ireland as well as our 500+ volunteers. This means we cover everything from recruitment and induction to payroll. We work closely with line managers to support them in the HR aspects of their role and ensure they have the tools and skills to get the best out of their staff and volunteers. As a team, we are eager to help people in ways that will allow them to flourish in their roles and enjoy being part of Church Army.”

Faye Popham

HR & Volunteering Manager and Safeguarding Lead

Faye leads our HR function to make sure Church Army is a good place to work. She works closely with the senior leadership in developing and ensuring a healthy culture within Church Army. Faye also leads Church Army’s safeguarding work along with the two deputy leads, together making sure that work is a safe space for everyone.

CUrtise Monk

Safeguarding Administrator

Curtise supports the Safeguarding Team to enable safer recruitment and safeguarding training for our staff and volunteers.

Denise Ambrose

HR Advisor

Denise looks after everything across the employee life journey, including recruitment, employee relations, employee administration, wellbeing and policy development. She is often the first point of contact for managers seeking HR support and advice.

Lisa Matheson

HR Assistant

Lisa works across the whole of Church Army. She provides employee support and covers most aspects of the HR function.

Panni Loh

Volunteer Facilitator

Panni’s role is all about supporting our volunteers. She has developed a clear Volunteer Journey with tools for safer recruitment, welcome, support and training.

Heidi Frisby

HR & Payroll Administrator

Heidi is our go-to person for any payroll and pension queries, plus holidays. She is the person who can find answers to questions and solutions to make everyone’s job on the frontlines smoother.

Prayer infocus

  • Pray that, as a new team, we would work together effectively and build good, strong relationships with one another.
  • Pray for joy as we serve Church Army, that we would model the CA values in all that we do and be a blessing to the organisation.
  • Pray that we would have wisdom to know how best to handle the many different situations and conversations we are faced with each day.
  • Pray for the Safeguarding Lead (HR Manager) and Deputies as they respond to safeguarding concerns and oversee Church Army’s safeguarding practice.
  • Pray our relationship with our volunteers would deepen as we find ways to engage them in the life of Church Army.