Marylebone Project

Supporting Homeless Women in London

At the Marylebone Project, we have been supporting vulnerable homeless women in crisis for over 90 years. Every day, we help vulnerable women turn their situation around by providing a safe journey from living on the streets to living independent, meaningful lives. In recent months, we’ve seen an outpouring of support and gratitude – new staff members joining our team, collaborative partnerships forming and valuable relationships being built. Our mission is to provide essential care and guidance as these women take steps towards autonomy and stability.


Recently, the Churchill Hotel hosted an event to display photographs honouring the hard work of the amazing women at the Marylebone Project. Marylebone was recognised for successfully providing employment opportunities to former homeless people such as Sarah*, who now works for Hyatt Regency, one of the world’s most luxurious hotel and resort companies, after gaining experience from Munch – the Marylebone Project’s Catering Enterprise.

The inspiring initiative, “Challenging the Perceptions of Homelessness” is a collaborative effort between world-renowned photographer Marysa Dowling, Mental Health Fight Club Art and the women of the Marylebone Project. Through mentorship, they have discovered their own photography skills and developed their creative voices. The photos taken depict empowering moments, like friends coming together, keys (representing safety and home) and words such as ‘Hope’ illuminated on neon signs – all capturing meaningful memories in time.

This initiative is a powerful example of how much can be achieved through collaboration and creative expression.

Victoria's Secret

As part of our ongoing philanthropic efforts, we will be donating to the Marylebone Project. We are proud to support the amazing work the charity does.

Victoria’s Secret

🥗 Munch at Marylebone

At the Marylebone Project, we are committed to investing in our vulnerable homeless women by providing them a safe place to stay and giving them access to accredited courses designed to strengthen their self-confidence and equip them with essential skills. Munch, our social enterprise, is here not only as an environmentally sustainable corporate catering business, but also so that these amazing ladies can gain experience through training needed for long-term employment. Additionally, they have the opportunity to develop their cooking abilities in a supportive atmosphere while blending traditional culinary recipes with unique ideas from each individual.

Food is not the same as nutrition. When I was working, I always made sure I had healthy food to eat, but now, with no income and living off donations, it can be hard to find consistent fresh food and staples like bread and vegetables. However, it is comforting to know I will no longer go hungry as there is always something available at the Marylebone Project.

Guest at Marylebone Project


• Pray that all women who come to the project will feel welcome and safe and encounter God’s love.
• Pray that collaborations with other agencies would continue and flourish to enable women to progress to independent living.
• Pray for donations to the project to continue and for awareness to grow.
• Pray for the staff at Marylebone Project to feel supported and appreciated.