Faith Questions

A new Faith Resource from CA

In today’s world, it can seem like so much of our lives is governed by logic and science. For many people, what you can see and prove is the standard for belief. But, as Christians, we know that faith can move mountains. Having faith in God and putting trust in Him above all else amidst the barrage of today’s logical arguments and modern advancements can leave us with some big questions, like, “why is there suffering?”.

Thinking about big questions and doubting what we already believe is a normal part of being human. For Christians, this is especially true; it can often feel like what we believe is thought of by others as strange.

Faith Questions is our newest resource in the Faith Suite and is designed to help Christians think through how they might go about answering difficult questions about faith by taking a storytelling approach to these ideas. Throughout the sessions, we look at the logical challenges that often come up in discussions about belief and the deep questions that Christians and non-Christians ask about God, while remembering that sharing God’s love in words and actions is at the heart of finding the answers.
The list of questions will continue to grow, so keep checking back on our website.

The Sessions

Session 1

Why do I ask questions of my faith?

Session 2

Why is Jesus so important to Christians?

Session 3

What is the purpose of the Church?

Session 4

Troubling Church History

Session 5

Why is there suffering?

Session 6

What should we do with the Bible?

Prayer infocus

  • Pray that people at all stages of their journey with God can engage with Faith Questions and find the material valuable.
  • Pray that people who have questions about their faith will feel encouraged and empowered to ask these questions.
  • Pray that all who engage with the resource would experience deeper and stronger relationships with God.
  • Pray for anyone who is experiencing doubt in their faith to feel reassured that doubts and questions are a part of being human.
  • Pray that all who engage with Faith Questions will feel confident and equipped to answer any difficult questions they may encounter when discussing their faith.