Envoy’s Partnership in Germany

News update from the Envoy team

Church Army’s Envoy is a coaching community building confidence in evangelism and effectiveness in living missionally. In 2022/23, nearly 100 participants from across the world (including the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Canada) took part. Here’s some exciting news from Envoy in Germany.

Envoy is going from strength to strength in Germany and has been adopted as a module with Theologisches Seminar Rheinland. Steffan Schulte from TSR says, “We at Rhineland School of Theology are delighted to offer Envoy as a new learning opportunity for our students. Evangelism is part of our core DNA, and we see a great need to explore new and creative ways how we can share the good news about God’s love for us. Envoy provides a great opportunity for our students to customize their study experience to fit their context and help them flourish in their vocations, while earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Neville Barnes (an Envoy coach in the UK and Ireland) says he can’t quite believe the way Envoy has been so enthusiastically adopted in Germany. TSR now join Church Convention and Fresh Expressions Germany as organisations who offer Envoy to their wider communities. 

The first German Envoy participants joined a UK/Ireland community in 2019. They started their own Envoy community the next year and In the last three years over 50 people in Germany have taken part in Envoy. It’s already spreading further into other missional networks across Germany which all feel the need for a tool that helps people and churches to live missionally in their own context. 

Please join the Church Army family in praying for the continued success for Envoy in Germany and beyond.