He is Risen Indeed

This week we are taking a break from our usual rhythm to think on the glorious truth that Jesus rose from the grave, conquering Satan, sin and death. If you have been in the Church for any number of years, you will likely have heard the phrase “He is risen indeed” on Easter Sunday. When you hear a fellow believer utter the phrase “He is risen”, your lips may automatically reply “He is risen indeed” in a response that feels as automatic and natural as breathing.

But where does the phrase come from?

The phrase “He is risen indeed” has been around since at least the fourth century, when it began to be used among Christians as a way to proclaim their faith in the risen Christ. Some believe that this phrase arose from an ancient liturgy that included saying “He is risen” three times followed by “Indeed He is risen.” Scholars differ in their opinion as to how and when this phrase became associated with Easter, but what remains certain is that it holds deep meaning for believers, who use it as an affirmation of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

This four-word Easter phrase bears so much power because, while our human capacity to comprehend the grandeur of Jesus’ sacrifice can often be limited, “He is risen indeed” serves as a reminder and affirmation of the everlasting victory that He won on our behalf. His death was not in vain and, because of it, we have been given new life.

As Christians, we have the amazing privilege of being able to say “He is risen indeed” to each other, not only as a reminder of the truth but also as an inspiration to share our faith with others. It is this very truth on which the vision of Church Army hangs: to be able to spread hope through action and also to say with confidence to everyone we talk to that transformation is possible, not only in the here and now, but also in life everlasting.

This Easter Sunday, and for the rest of this week, join with us in saying with joy “He is risen indeed” to encourage one another to share the Good News with everyone who does not yet know about God’s love and grace. And please pray for our Evangelists all over the UK and Ireland to boldly proclaim “He is risen indeed” in their words and actions so that more may come to know Him and receive eternal life.

Prayers in Focus

  • Pray for courage and boldness for Church Army Evangelists to share the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection with those who do not yet know about it.
  • Pray that many people will come to experience transformation through a relationship with Christ this Easter season.
  • Ask God to open doors of opportunity to share faith in new and innovative ways.
  • Pray that Church Army’s Centres of Mission and projects would be blessed as they strive to bring hope, love and grace into every community they serve.
  • Ask God to continue working powerfully through our mission to bring hope to the streets.