Be a Light of Hope

With Church Army

We couldn’t do it without you! We are deeply grateful for the generosity of our supporters. Your financial contributions enable our 250+ evangelists to go out on the streets every day to connect with people in need; to train more evangelists to spread God’s Word and equip individuals and churches to share faith with those around them. There are simple ways that you can help to keep us going, both financial and non-financial.

😃Share infocus with a friend

Help us to get Church Army’s name out by sharing your copy of inFocus with a friend, or requesting a second copy by calling us on 0300 123 2113. Share some of the testimonies you have read about in this magazine and ask your friends if they would pledge a regular gift at

Just £6 a month could help us to reach more people as we respond to urgent and desperate needs.

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One of the best gifts you can give to Church Army is your time and skills. Join our network of volunteers across the countries who make Church Army what it is.
You may only have a small amount of time to give but trust us, it counts!

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🥳Host a Fundraiser

Doing your own fundraiser can be a fun and brilliant way to raise money for Church Army and it is more rewarding than you may think. You could run, bake, cycle or do something completely different; fundraising is a brilliant way to raise awareness of the
work we do. You can find ideas, downloadable resources and a guide to get you started by clicking the button below.

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🎁Let your legacy shine

Have you considered leaving a deferred gift?

Leaving a legacy in your will to Church Army is an incredibly significant way of contributing to our mission. Many of our projects continue as a result of the generosity of legacy gifts. Including us in your will provides lasting support to the work we do and allows us to keep taking risks, expand, and be a light of hope to the next generation.

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🧡One-Off or Regular Giving?

Which is right for you today?

We love your one-off gifts because they provide us with the immediate funds to take action and make a positive impact today! However, we also love it when you join our family through regular giving, helping us build sustainable and reliable support for our missions and projects for the long haul. Your regular gift keeps us better equipped with the resources needed to ensure our work remains as effective as possible.

Thank you!

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