Getting to know inFocus

We want you to get the most out of the CA inFocus magazine, so we have come up with a new layout that we think you’ll like.

As you flick through the pages you will see we have divided the magazine into 13 weeks from January-March. Each week will be a new focus bringing you news, stories and updates about an area of our work or a particular person or ministry, along with weekly points on how you can be praying for them. You can use these points to help shape the way you pray. You may wish to pray about each point daily throughout the week or to pick a different prayer point each day. We encourage you to use the Prayer inFocus section however is most natural to you.

The new layout is designed so that you can use your CA inFocus however you wish; whether that is to read it cover-to-cover in your own time, or as a prayer guide that you move through weekly over the next three months.

We know that many of you pray faithfully and daily for the names of people in Church Army. On page 36 you will find People & Places where you can pray daily for the individuals who make up Church Army’s Mission Community. 

Through CA inFocus our hope and prayer is that you will be able to find out more about what we are doing and the people we are helping; what your support looks like when money is turned into action; how you can be praying for the work you are making possible; and give you the opportunity to get to know the people who make up Church Army; those who are out on the frontline of evangelistic ministry as well as those working in our office.

Thanks for being part of CA’s story

Chris Hardy & Sarah Waller

Editor & Sub-editor


  • As we continue to make sure that prayer is never separated from what we do, each week’s theme will bring into focus a person or area of our work giving you a fuller picture about what we’re up to, where lives are being changed, and how this can shape the focus of your own prayers for CA.