CA Communications Team

Left to right: Becky, Sarah, Will, Neil, Tommy, Josh & Chris

With each issue of CA inFocus we want to introduce you to one of the many teams who work behind-the-scenes helping our frontline workers to do what they do best; spread hope and see lives transformed. This week we are starting this miniseries by getting to know the team who are bringing you CA inFocus, The CA Communications Team (or Comms as we call ourselves for short).

Hi we’re the CA Comms Team, our job is to make sure everyone knows what Church Army is up to. Communication plays a vital role in spreading awareness and fostering engagement both inside and outside CA. We do this by using storytelling and design to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest news, and it’s not just through our emails and magazines. In an ever-growing digital landscape, we also gather stories from the field to share with the world through social media and our website so our amazing supporters can see how their money and their prayers are changing lives for the better.

Neil Thomson – Marketing Manager & Head of Communications

Neil is the Captain of the Comms Team, he makes sure we’re steering in the right direction. He has also been a Commissioned CA Evangelist since 1985.

Josh Boot – Creative Lead

Josh is our inhouse designer, photographer, videographer and lead for all things creative that carry a CA brand.

Tommy Yen – Communications Officer

Tommy does our internal and external communications, particularly via email or the intranet.

Will Lee – Digital Communications Officer

Will helps our people and our projects connect using digital platforms, such as social media and the website.

Becky Warburton – Creative Assistant

Becky is our graphic designer who also brings the hand-drawn artistic elements to CA’s creative designs.

Sarah Waller – Editorial Assistant

Among many editorial duties, Sarah takes a lot of time to talk with frontline Church Army people to give them an opportunity to share their stories with the world.

Chris Hardy – Publications Officer

Chris is the Editor of inFocus Magazine and other publications that we send out in print.

Prayers in Focus

Pray for wisdom and guidance for the team in 2023.

Pray for opportunities to tell stories of CA to new audiences.

Pray for increased engagement with people through social media.