Bringing Hope to the Streets in 2023

2022 was certainly a year like no other. We have seen turmoil throughout the government with three different Prime Ministers and numerous cabinet ministers. The death of the faithful monarch and our patron Queen Elizabeth II signified a tremendous change as she reigned for over 70 years. We have been witness to war and unrest in the Ukraine and we are facing a cost of living crisis with prices of fuel and food at an all time high.

Evidence suggests that 8.5 million people across the UK are skipping meals due to price hikes and an enormous 7.9 million people are going without heating or electricity. As a result, almost 20 million people have completely stopped all leisure and social activities in an attempt to make ends meet.

While these are worrying statistics, it makes it clear that the work of Church Army will be needed by many more people heading into the new year. Our work fighting poverty and social injustice will be vital to those struggling to survive. But amidst all the bad news, it is important to remember that there is hope! With the love and prayers of you, our supporters and th heart of everyone in Church Army, we can work as one to spread the Good news of the Gospel and see faith in ation. Reaching all who need us most, those on the margins of scoiety in deperate need and those who feel unseen or forgotten. Together, with God, we can make a positive and real impact on many lives.

We work for a gracious, merciful and good God and he will provide us with everything we need. He will be our light in the darkness and His steadfast love and compassion will endure forever and whatever we troubles we may face, we are not alone for He is with us.

Prayers in Focus

  • Pray for God to call ore people to evangelism.
  • Pray for the work within Centre of Mission to have a positive and fruitful impact on local communities.
  • Pray that the work of CA will help reduce the number of people facing hunger and poverty.
  • Pray that more people will know the love of God through the good work of CA.
  • Pray for CA to have a positive impact on people suffering from social isolation and depravation.