Meet an Evangelist in Training:

Andrea McLoughlin

Across the UK and Ireland our Evangelists-in-Training are already gifted evangelists who are living
out their passion to share Jesus with the world around them alongside their training. This month we
have been talking to Andrea McLoughlin to find out more about her life and ministry…

I have lived in Nelson, Lancashire for 37 years. I moved here when I was eight years old, and I still live here with my husband and daughters. I had previously worked with M:Power, which co-ordinates urban evangelism training through the Diocese of Blackburn. When that finished, I felt something was missing. I attended a Church Army Discovery Day in Blackpool and it just felt right. I agreed with the vision and values and all that Church Army stands for. I am passionate about being with those in my community that are hurting, marginalised, and lost, and I want to share Jesus with them. What excites me is to walk with these people and to share what Jesus has done in my life, to plant that seed and help that seed to grow and to love them unconditionally.

At the moment I’m involved with the work at St Philip’s Centre in Nelson where the vision is hospitality, help and hope. I work alongside my vicar, Lorelli and I oversee the centre on a Tuesday. Myself and a small team run the Food Bank where we are meeting needs and building relationships. I am in the process of setting up a clothes bank which will run alongside our Food Bank at the same time as our community café. On Monday evenings I am at Lighthouse, which is an outreach to those who are on the margins, mainly struggling with addiction, mental health and poverty.

We want Lighthouse to be a church plant because the people who come call Lighthouse church. I’m enjoying training and being part of the Church Army community and I’m looking forward to coming back in January and spending time with everybody; learning and growing together and supporting each other. I am thankful for what God has done for me because when I look back at my journey I can see where He was in it all. I’m also thankful to all those who have journeyed with me and for those who are still journeying with me. I am excited for what God is going to do next.