Remember, Pass it on…

Men’s Social Department

Throughout these two special editions of Catalyst, we have explored the legacies of those who have shaped Church Army over the years, from Wilson Carlile and his sister Marie, to many other faithful men and women who dedicated their lives to seeing the lives of others changed and transformed. Like them, thousands of others have left their mark on Church Army in many ways and contributed to the legacy of hope that continues today.

You can be part of this legacy by helping us to continue their work into the future.

Hope is on the way to people who do not even know it yet, but we need your help to reach them. Each year it costs us millions of pounds to keep on bringing hope to the streets through our key projects,

Centres of Mission, evangelistic training, resources and multiple other ministries of outreach. By leaving a gift in your will, however big or small, you will be helping to transform the lives of people and communities both now and into the future.

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