Launching Lead

with Jayne Elliott

Church Army is launching LEAD, a suite of resources for growing leaders whatever shape or form that leadership takes. We talked to Jayne Elliott, Church Army’s Leadership Development Officer, about what LEAD is and how it came about…

For more than 25 years I’ve been working with missional communities, and evangelism with marginalised and disadvantaged groups in Sheffield and the Midlands, where I’m originally from. I’ve worked in the statutory, public, and not-for-profit sectors, in both youth and adult
homelessness and have also trained in pastoral supervision and reflective practice. During that time, I learnt a lot of things that would have been
helpful to have known when I first started.

I began to ask myself “What are the most important things that I wish my 25-year-old self had known about leadership?”. I started writing a list that became the outline for the LEAD learning resources.

LEAD needed to answer the question: What could help busy evangelists and pioneers to make time to do some reflective learning? And that’s when we had the idea about action learning coaching communities where leaders could meet online together, creating flexible content so that they could choose the topic they wanted to explore by; doing an action, reflecting on a passage of scripture, examining a case study or digging deeper into blogs, videos or other reading material.

LEAD is all about reflecting with others and agreeing to take action. Each leader’s learning experience is shaped by connecting with other
leaders. Action learning goes hand-in-hand with weekly learning material which offers every person a range of content to choose from so
they can apply what they are learning to real life situations. We know the role that good leadership plays in helping others to develop the confidence to lead.

What is LEAD?

LEAD is a suite of learning resources specifically designed for busy leaders to grow and develop on their leadership journey. This is done online using high quality, practical content, using action learning and has been developed in collaboration with a range of leaders across Church Army’s Mission Community.


The LEAD programme is designed around four leadership dimensions: Attitude, Skills, Knowledge and Experience, with modules to choose from in each of these areas. LEAD is online but also done in community with your action learning peers.

“What has been most helpful for me has been
the range of possible tasks to prepare for the
next time we meet, I have used the Scripture
references each time to explore Jesus’ model
of leadership”

“I left LEAD with an increased awareness of
my own skills, ability and calling and that has
enabled me to be more assertive even in the last
month since LEAD finished.”