How to Use the Church Army Prayer Diary

Welcome to the May-June Prayer Diary. Join us in the next two months as we pray daily for aspects of our work, along with our community of people who are engaged in that work, and for the individuals who we long to see accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Each week we will focus on an area of our work.

We will centre our prayers around this theme to start the week on Sunday, and Saturday to close the week.

Each weekday includes the names of the Church Army community who are working in multiple different roles across the UK and Ireland (and some further afield) according to their birthday.

As a charity which trains people and then releases them to follow God’s call to serve people practically and spiritually, many people are engaged in gospel-work in ways that we are not aware of and the nature of that work can often change. It is our hope to gather more information about the many different ways in which we are working with individuals and communities in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, but even where we only have the name and location of someone, know that, as you lift them up to God in prayer, you are joining hundreds of other faithful people across these islands interceding for a ministry (big or small) that is transforming the lives of lost people to become adopted sons and daughters of our glorious King.

Thank you so much for your faithful support