140 Years of Bringing Hope On The Streets

Hear from two legendary Church Army Evangelists

Throughout 2022 we will be celebrating 140 years of Church Army bringing hope to the streets. Since 1882 we have been pioneering new ministries, seeking to draw alongside the broken and reaching out to some of the most unreachable people and places in the UK and Ireland. Church Army’s story is one of a large, widespread movement to transform lives through the gospel, and at the same time it is a story of God moving in people’s lives, calling them to unexpected ministries in ways they had never imagined. Each of them were inspired by Wilson Carlile’s vision to put the gospel call of evangelism into the hands of ordinary Christian women and men so that everyone everywhere would have the opportunity to hear about Jesus.

Rosalie Jacobs (Unknown-2013)

Commissioned as a CA Evangelist: 1940

“I was at the service on Remembrance Sunday listening to someone from Church Army talk about sacrifice. That was the first time I had realised what the Lord Jesus had done for me. I let go of all the past and all my sin, and the most wonderful sense of peace filled me. Cycling home I stopped halfway and I began to pray…

“Lord I would love to share this wonderful peace with other people”

JOAN HUDSPETH (1925-2017)

Commissioned as CA Evangelist: 1952

Wilson Carlile was somebody who was always looking forward. He wasn’t someone who let things stay in a particular place just because it had always been that way. He was looking for change and progression.

“He didn’t want to do things that other people were doing, he wanted to push all the boundaries forward.”