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Season 3 Episode 8 | Being Salt & Light

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We're interrupting our normal podcast format to bring you Being Salt & Light! Listen every week to short Lent reflections to be inspired and encouraged to share your faith.

The final Being Salt & Light thought is from Paul Ogunyemi (Church Army trainee) who talks about conversations he had at a garage about his hope in Jesus. We're encouraged to think about how Jesus brings us hope and how we can share that with others.

Hannah Ling (Everyone Everywhere's podcast host) leads you through the reflections, giving you space to think and pray.

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Sometimes the most important thing is to listen. Chaplains from Waterways Chaplaincy (part of the Church Army family) can often be found offering a listening ear, just like they did with Tony* who was struggling with suicidal thoughts. (*name changed)
Earlier this year, chaplains from Waterways Chaplaincy (part of the Church Army family) were alerted to the plight of a man and his cat, both of whom were in danger due to a sinking canal boat. A chaplain bravely stepped in!
Sandra has been joining in with an online Bible Study during lockdown in Liverpool, run by Church Army Evangelist Cherith. It's incredible to hear how God is at work in people's lives despite being unable to meet with them in person due to the pandemic.
In Hackney, Andrena Palmer is running online workshops to help improve the self-esteem and mental health of young black women like Kira* and Gaynor*. (*names changed)
Hannah Ling, 10/12/2019