Llandaff Centre of Mission 

Andy Settle and Hannah Seal run our centre of mission in Llandaff. It was launched in September 2015 and is based in Neath. The centre of mission works with children and young people, particularly through the school assemblies, messy church and community fun days, and also with the elderly, many of whom feel isolated and lonely as the sense of close community is diminishing. Outreach to single parents is an identified need, as 8.8% of households in the deanery are lone parent households. You can read the latest news from Andy and Hannah in their most recent supporter newsletter.

Carolyn Kinsman, 09/06/2017

St asaph Centre of Mission 

Launched in September 2015, the St. Asaph Centre of Mission is led by Chris Lawton and Josh Smith. It is based in Caia Park in Wrexham, which is recognised by the European Community as an area of significant poverty and deprivation. Statistics reveal high levels of unemployment, limited social mobility, low levels of disposable income, a high crime rate and growing concerns about racial integration and social isolation. Initially, the centre's evangelists set out to listen to, serve and befriend the people of Caia Park, with Josh concentrating his time with the youth and young men on the estate and Chris with children and families. This has included: building up relationships with the young men on the estate through football and running football skills sessions for the children who attend the youth centres; leading regular assemblies at the two primary schools on the estate and working with the local high school and running holiday clubs to bring the community and the church together. You can find out more about Chris and Josh's work by reading their latest supporter newsletter.

Carolyn Kinsman, 09/06/2017

St David's Centre of Mission 

Val Legg and Ruth Busisa lead our St David's Centre of Mission. Launched in May 2016 it is based in Haverfordwest, on the Merlin Bridge estate. The area has a large housing estate of mostly rented homes, including a significant number of council and housing association properties. In parts of the estate there is a high level of poverty, exacerbated by high levels of unemployment. Although many residents are local, some having lived on the estate since it was built, there is constant movement of occupants and the area is regularly used to rehouse those who have been receiving additional support and are now ready to take the next step in building their independence, or those who have been moved from other areas, either local or further afield. Despite the difficulties there is a high level of loyalty towards living “in the Bridge” and many families do support each other well. Since it's launch, the centre of mission's work has included: The Bridge - a drop-in centre for local young people; children's summer holiday club and a weekly after-school club. Find out the latest update from St David's Centre of Mission by reading their Spring newsletter.

Carolyn Kinsman, 09/06/2017

Find out about our other centres of mission in Northern Ireland and Republic of IrelandScotland and England.

Hannah Ling, 05/06/2017