Carolyn Kinsman, 24/05/2017
9 November 2018 - Kelvin asks if the cost is an essential understanding of what it is to be a Christian, why is it not more of an integral part of our evangelism?
Kelvin Bolton
26 October 2018 - Andrew discusses some helpful resources for ministry to help us become "all things to all people" in our ministry.
Andrew Wooding
12 October 2018 - Mike explores how reading and wrestling with scripture together can bring new life to studying the Bible.
Mike Starkey
28 September 2018 - Naomi discusses how serving others is more than a ‘Good Christian’ tick box exercise. But how loving our communities and seeking justice is a vital part of growing our faith.
Naomi Maynard
14 September 2018 - Claire explains what she's learnt from the youngest and oldest people in her life.
Claire Dalpra
24 August 2018 - Louise explores how we can invite God into the day-to-day and let his insight and wisdom affect how we spend our time and energy.
Louise Johnson
10 August 2018 - First published in the Church of Ireland Gazette, Alan shares his thoughts on sharing faith with the next generation and how we need to talk honestly about the God who has transformed our lives.
Alan Williamson
27 July 2018 - Val discusses how worship is about consecration and how we live our lives.
Val Thomas
13 July 2018 - Stephen reflects on his two years training with Church Army and how bringing the simple Gospel to a messy, complicated and broken world is a constant learning experience.
Stephen Whitten
29 June 2018 - What does 'home' mean? Hannah looks back on her last three years as an evangelist in training and how the key word through it all has been 'home'.
Hannah Seal
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Carolyn Kinsman, 24/05/2017