Carolyn Kinsman, 25/10/2017
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Here are just some of the research projects we are currently involved with.

Messy Church research

Claire2012One of the new research projects we are working on is a deeper study on the effects of Messy Church within the Church of England. Our aim is to learn to what extent they make disciples and to what extent they mature as churches. We are also gathering data on lifespan and investigating what happens to people when they stop attending a Messy Church.

This project is gathering both qualitative and quantitative data across a variety of ways that the Messy Church model is adapted for use in local contexts. This work is sponsored by the Church Commissioners and findings will be made available in October 2018.

Claire Dalpra, February 2017

Mission with young adults

Andy-cropped2We have recently been commissioned by the Church of England’s Resource Strategy & Development Unit to carry out a study looking at ‘successful’, ‘unsuccessful’ and ‘unproven’ mission with young adults aged 18-30. This is a 12-month project that involves a series of case studies and is due for completion by December 2017.

A particular aim of this study is helping the wider Church learn more about effective mission with young adults who have had little previous contact or engagement with church. To this end, we will be publishing a series of short and accessible web-based case studies in early 2018.

Andy Wier, February 2017