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Here you will find various documents relating to the 2016 report from Church Army's Research Unit, The Day of Small Things, an in-depth look at fresh expressions of Church in 21 dioceses in the Church of England.


From the deep end
to the shallow end
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The Day of Small Things report comes to 233 pages, including 7 appendices. This is for if you want to dive in and immerse yourself in the full results of the research, with graphs, tables, observations and conclusions. But if you want to engage with the report at a simpler level, it is perfectly fine just to dip your toes in the water and read the shorter and snappier documents instead.

Below is a list of documents explaining the report, ranging from basic, to slightly more detailed, to the full report itself.

Shallow end

waterworks-1192741-smallerA 1-page infographic on the report - download PDF

A 2-page interview with George Lings about the report, including the infographic (from Shareit! magazine) - download PDF

Further in

The 2-page executive summary highlighting the headlines - download PDF

2 pages from the report of assumptions to avoid, lessons to learn and traps to avoid - download PDF

4 pages of a sideways, tongue-in-cheek version to make you laugh yet underscore the central findings: Screwtape suppresses statistics (by George Lings) - download PDF


Getting deeper

EncounteringTheDayofSmallThingEncountering The Day of Small Things (36-page A5 booklet in everyday language) - download PDF

Printed copies are also available at £4, including postage. For details of how to order, email:

PowerPoints used at the launch of The Day of Small Things in November 2016

PowerPoint 1: Missional features of the 1100 fresh expressions of Church - download file

PowerPoint 2: Ecclesial features across the 1100 young churches - download file

PowerPoint 3: The typical and unusual among these varied churches - download file

At the deep end

deep-end-1493765-smallerThe full 233-page report: The Day of Small Things - download PDF

Printed copies are also available at £15, including postage. For details of how to order, email:

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