Carolyn Kinsman, 25/10/2017
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Seven Sacred Spaces-smallBy popular demand, Seven sacred spaces (originally Encounters on the Edge no. 43), written by George Lings, has been reprinted in colour and revised with up-to-date information.

The book attempts to answer the related questions: 'What makes a healthy Christian community?' and 'What contributes to being fully human?' George has travelled extensively, visiting Taizé and Cîteaux, and has stayed at Northumbria Community and with the Anglican Franciscans in Hilfield, Dorset. George concludes that there's a lot to be learned from the shared life of monastic communities.

His experiences - along with his studies of monastic movements throughout history - confirmed his thoughts that healthy monastic communities contain seven sacred spaces: cell, chapel, chapter, cloister, garden, refectory and scriptorium. In this book, George analyses what functions and features characterise these seven spaces, believing that this awareness will help all ways of being Church, including fresh expressions of Church, to grow in a more balanced way.

How to order

Seven sacred spaces can be ordered by emailing:

A print copy will cost £4 (including postage), and a PDF will be £2.40.

Online resources for the seven sacred spaces

We have produced four printable documents that can become ways for a group or individual to explore applying the seven sacred spaces. Click on the blue links to download them.

We also commend to you the Llandaff diocese booklet which explores how the seven sacred spaces can work in the wider secular community.

Andrew Wooding, 04/01/2017