St. Asaph Centre of Mission

Caia ParkLaunched in September 2015, the St. Asaph Centre of Mission is a partnership between Church Army and the Diocese of St. Asaph in the Church in Wales. It is based in Caia Park in Wrexham, which is recognised by the European Community as an area of significant poverty and deprivation. Statistics reveal high levels of unemployment, limited social mobility, low levels of disposable income, a high crime rate and growing concerns about racial integration and social isolation.

The Centre of Mission's key objectives are:

  • To link with the established Christian community, support the clergy in Caia Park and train others across the Diocese in evangelism.
  • To identify and form a core team of volunteers to assist in the mission of God in the community of Caia Park and the Wrexham area.
  • To establish a form of Christian community/Fresh expression of Church based in Caia Park.
  • To begin to resource mission and evangelism in other key areas, possibly in Rhyl and Deeside.
  • To invest in local people who will establish sustainability in the work and seek to replicate in other parts of the Diocese.

Initially, the centre's evangelists set out to listen to, serve and befriend the people of Caia Park, with Josh concentrating his time with the youth and young men on the estate and Chris with children and families. This has included:
  • Building up relationships with the young men on the estate through football and running football skills sessions for the children who attend the youth centres.
  • Leading regular assemblies at the two secular primary schools on the estate and working with the high school where most of the children that live on the estate go.
  • Running holiday clubs in school holidays, which have included a family ‘Easter Mad Hatters Tea Party’ to bring the community and the church together.
  • Holding other outreach events, which so far have included a Fireworks Night at the church, which led onto a Christmas Lantern Parade, where over 60 people marched through Caia Park and then were treated with mince pies, mulled wine, Christmas carols and a thought for Christmas.

Centre of Mission evangelists

Chris Lawton

Chris Lawton

Josh Smith 2015

Josh Smith

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