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missionshapedchurch-smallMost of the information you will ever need to know about the Mission-shaped Church report (released in 2004) and what has happened since can be found on the Fresh Expressions website.

However, we also have some things to offer. Please click on the links below to download George Lings' PowerPoint presentations and some PDFs to go with them. Further down the page there are other resources you might find useful.

The report itself is available here.

Mission-shaped Church presentations




MsC 0  
MsC 1 - Contexts MsC 1 - Changing_contexts
MsC 5 - Theology Msc 5 - Theology
MsC 6 - Methodology MsC 6 - Methodologies
MsC 7 - Framework MsC 7 - Framework
MsC 9 - Lessons 2006 MsC 9 - Lessons_since_2004

Mission-Shaped Church: The Inside and Outside View

Encounters 22This is the 22nd issue of Encounters on the Edge, written by George Lings and Bob Hopkins and published by Church Army in 2004.

They asked: 'With General Synod's approval of Mission-shaped Church in February 2004, will this Church of England report on Anglican church planting and fresh expressions of Church make any difference? What does the report actually say? Where did the report not go far enough?'

To download a free PDF of this issue, click here.

For more free PDFs of Encounters on the Edge, click here.

Moving on in a Mission-shaped Church

Croftmoving on in MSC-smallThe resources below support and explain the Moving on in a Mission-shaped Church booket by Steven Croft that was released by Church House Publishing, Fresh Expressions and Church Army in 2005.

The booklet is now out of print, but it can still be purchased through online second-hand retailers such as Amazon UK.



MoiMsC 0 - Overall MoiMsC - Day outline
MoiMsC 1  
MoiMsC 2 MoiMsc 2b - George Lings_ideas
MoiMsC 2b - Church change MoiMsc 2b - George Lings text v.1
MoiMsC 3 - Both-and  
MoiMsC 4 - How start  

A Mission-shaped Church for Older People?

missionshapedchurch for older A Mission-shaped Church for Older People? contains training material for churches to raise awareness of work with older people, resource material for ministry with older people and ideas for evangelism among both the elderly frail and the younger-old.

It was written by Michael Collyer, Claire Dalpra, Alison Johnson and James Woodward and was published jointly by Church Army and The Levenson Centre in 2008.

To order a copy, click here.