The mission community rule of life

Church Army is a mission community, rooted within the Anglican Communion, of those who follow Jesus Christ. To find out more about becoming a member of the mission community, click here.


By the grace of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit we seek to:
  • enable people to come to a living faith in Jesus Christ
  • show the love of God, revealed in Christ, in words and action
  • bring the Good News of God's salvation especially to the poor, the broken and the rejected
  • encourage and challenge both the church as a whole and the local church.


1. Conversion

  • Proclaiming Christ in word and action
  • Sharing Christ in the margins

2. Consecration

  • Following Jesus
  • Desiring holiness

3. Christian community

  • Embodying mission together
  • Seeking the kingdom with others


By the grace of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit, together we commit ourselves to work out these principles as we:


  • live in constant humble gratitude for how Jesus found and rescued us,
    a) reflect regularly on our life in Christ
    b) give thanks daily to God for his blessings
  • live in such a way that our words and actions show Jesus to others
    a) seek opportunities to serve others
    b) be involved in intentional evangelism
    c) take every opportunity to speak to others for the reason for the hope within you
  • live in such a way that commends Christ to those on the margins
    seek opportunities to serve those on the margins


  • live our lives in a manner worthy of the followers of Jesus,
    a) take care to guard our hearts and personal life
    b) live honestly and speak truth at all times
    c) be generous stewards of the material things we have
  • mould our lives by God's word and sacrament
    a) read the scriptures daily
    b) participate regularly in Holy Communion
  • shape our lives by prayer
    a) spend time alone with God in prayer
    b) pray with others
    c) pray for Church Army

Christian community 

  • demonstrate embodied mission
    a) meet with others in the mission community
    b) encourage and challenge others in love
    c) empower others in evangelism
  • seek the kingdom with others
    a) take opportunities to work with others
    b) seek to love, forgive and receive
  • being grounded in a place
    a) commit to regular fellowship and action with a local group of Christians
    b) raise resources to further the kingdom work of evangelism