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A priceless gift
12 May 2017 - Veronique shares what her year volunteering with Church Army's Marylebone Project has taught her about God. More ...
Veronique Chapus
My year in the UK
28 April 2017 - Nancy shares what she's noticed during her year working in children's ministry in the UK. More ...
Nancy Wang
Nancy Wang
Stop all the clocks
13 April 2017 - Jude shares her thoughts with us this Good Friday. More ...
Jude Davis
Jude Davis
Being Salt and Light with friends
24 March 2017 - As part of our Lent evangelism series, Being Salt and Light, Becky shares some thoughts with us on being how we can be salt and light with our friends. More ...
Becky Forder
Becky Forder
Beauty in the flawed
10 March 2017 - Mike explores the theme of beauty in relation to Grace and the season of Lent. More ...
Mike Starkey
Mike Starkey
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Older blogs
24 February 2017 - Becky shares the story of Margaret Wimbles, a Church Army supporter, and how beauty and wonder are more often found in the small, every day moments in life.
10 February 2017 - Sarah explores fasting during Lent and shares with us what she will be taking up this Lent.
27 January 2017 - This blog comes with gratitude and apologies to C.S. Lewis author of The Screwtape Letters – a compendium of advice from a senior to a junior devil.
13 January 2017 - Chigor shares his experiences of working with people of other faiths.
23 December 2016 - Beth thinks about the words of one of the most loved Christmas carols and what they mean to her this Christmas

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