Selby Centre of Mission

"Where change is possible" could be the motto of the Edge Community, Selby. Here our evangelists Richard Cooke and Neil Walpole are working alongside local Christians as they reach out to families of the Flaxley Road estate. It is one of the most socially deprived estates in North Yorkshire, where there is much brokenness and hurt. With no overt Christian presence or outreach for 100 years, the poverty is spiritual as well.

Selby CoMBringing Good News

Neil and Richard work with the local church to bring the Good News of God's love and power for change in a variety of ways:

  • in the local primary school with assemblies, RE and a Christian after-school club
  • running DNA youth group and Youth Alpha style meetings
  • using a converted double-decker bus as Community drop-in and Youth Café
  • supporting young families by starting a parent and toddler group, and helping people practically with parenting and debt

Vibrant Christian community

The aim is not to get people to church, but to build a new and vibrant Christian community with people on the estate. A small number of Christian families have committed to making that happen and give of themselves generously to love people and serve God faithfully. Richard says: "We have had monthly gatherings for six years now, with Bible stories, games, crafts and food. Although we can never predict who, or how many people will take part in these all-age meetings, there is always a wonderful sense of God's presence."

Connect is a monthly event which is more obviously church, and whilst there are always those who fall away, there are always those who are coming to faith too. "Yet we find that wherever there is community and Christ is present, it's church."

Centre of Mission evangelists

Richard Cooke

Richard Cooke

Neil Walpole

Neil Walpole

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