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Medway Centre of Mission 

In its glory days Chatham was home to Henry VIII's navy, but over four centuries have gone by and the town is now a place where people with many needs live. Stephen Ramshaw and Mike Dare are determined that people's lives will be better because of the centre of mission. They want to give people hope in a place where there is low aspiration, security where there is practical need and a Saviour in a place where many people don't know how much God loves them. Their vision is for the Medway Centre of Mission to be a beacon of light and love to the people of Chatham and the surrounding Medway towns, telling people how much they are loved, valued and worth. Stephen is involved in a number of different initiatives in the area, including: a Sunday service at the Tap 'n' Tin nightclub in Chatham, where they also help to run a heavy metal church, chaplaincy work on a Monday evening at the same nightclub, a community cafe and fortnightly pop-up furniture shop in Strood and weekly prayer walking in the area.  They also are building relationships with the homeless in the area and have launched Medway Oaks, a weekly drop-in on a Sunday with a 'God slot' in the middle. You can watch a short film about Stephen's work with the homeless on our films page (film by the Diocese of Rochester). Find out more about what's happening in Medway Centre of Mission by reading their latest newsletter.

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