Carolyn Kinsman, 13/12/2017

Cal's Story

Julie and Zach at our Scottish Borders Centre of Mission run three children’s groups in the village of Newcastleton: Stepping Stones (0-4 year olds), Boulder Gang (5-8 year olds) and Rock Solid (9-12 year olds).

We moved to Newcastleton in 2013. In a small, rural village, it can be hard to get to know people so it’s easy to feel isolated. The Church Army children’s groups have been a real blessing not only for my children, but for me too. I really value the time to chat with the other parents, while my children are having a whale of a time in the next room.

Julie’s story-telling skills keep the children spellbound. She has the most incredible gift for distilling complex Bible truths into a few simple words that they can understand. Julie’s kind, loving nature represents Jesus to every family that walks through the door. Zach is funny, energetic and seems to intuitively know what children need and how to best to encourage them.

My children have been attending Stepping Stones and Boulder Gang ever since we moved to the village. We’re a Christian family and we can see how Bethany's faith has grown. She’s learning more and more about the Bible and how to live out her faith in practical terms. She just loves sharing what she learns with her friends from school, most of who are not from Christian families. Boulder Gang makes Christianity cool!

Bethany (7): “I like to come to Boulder Gang because Julie, Zach and the other leaders are here. We sing lots of songs, my favourite song is Shine from the Inside Out. My favourite Bible story is when Jesus was born.”

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Carolyn Kinsman, 13/12/2017