Sister Nanette Sanderson 

Prior to selection Nanette spent her pre-training assessment on the South Coast, where Church Army ran holiday homes for people who could not afford holidays and also in a girl's training home.
flying column
Following on from commissioning in 1957 Nanette took on a role in a Home Office Approved School, in Nottingham, working with 30 girls, between the ages of 14 to 18. These were girls who had been before the Courts twice, were often involved in prostitution and from broken homes. The Home Office ‘s records showed that the schools run by Church Army and those run by the nuns had the greatest impact. Nanette recalls how they saw many girls turn their lives around and even when they had left the school they would often bring their boyfriends back for the Sister’s approval. Nanette stayed in that role for 4 years.

Nanette then moved to work in missions and went to London to work on the Flying Column, which was a team of 3 men and 1 woman, who would travel around the country , to undertake missions wherever there was a need.

In 1963 Nanette married David and had to resign her commission, but continued to work alongside David in his work, as well in paid employment.

In 1989 Nanette was recommissioned but kept on her job in a doctor’s surgery and also took on a unpaid non-stipendiary parish role, working with local mothers and their children, setting up mother and toddler groups, which saw lots of people coming into the local church.

Upon the family’s move to Sheffield Nanette worked as an evangelist on the Manor for 7 years, where she reflects you never quite knew what was going to happen, including seeing houses burnt down and roof tiles being stolen. During this time Nanette ran children’s clubs and took assemblies.

10 years ago Nanette felt God calling her to work with the elderly and she set up a club for the elderly through her church, which puts on monthly lunchtime meetings, with a meal, speakers, entertainment and a time for reflection – its aims are food, friendship, faith and fun. She still regularly preaches.