Hope On The Streets

Cuppa with A Keyworker

Hear stories of God transforming lives and join our special guest Ema Eden from our vulnerable women’s project in the North of England.

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Who We Are

We want everyone everywhere to encounter God’s love and be empowered to transform their communities through faith shared in words and action.

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Our work is unconditional, tackling social deprivation through partnership and collaboration to help empower individuals and communities.

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Use this map to discover the breadth of our work both in terms of geographical reach and the type of work we do to make such a difference to individual lives in marginalised communities.

Frontline Projects

Centres of Mission
Marylebone Project
The Amber Project
Ty Bronna
Wilson Carlile Centre
Waterways Chaplaincy

Type of Work

Church Planting / Fresh Expressions
Family work
Work with Elderly
Schools work
Food donations
Food distribution
Church groups
Bible study
Social isolation
Poverty alleviation
Employment & education
Building community
Mental health
Recreation activities
The Amber Project
The Marylebone Project
Ty Bronna

The Amber Project

For some young people, self-harm is a way to express something hard to put into words. The Amber Project is their safe space, and their stories are far from over.

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Poetry Book

The Marylebone Project

For many women experiencing crisis in their lives, their voices are not heard, and their individual journeys not supported. Our safe, trust-filled environment encourages lives to be re-built; above all it offers hope.

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Easter Supporter Newsletter

Dec21/Jan22 Newsletter

Ty Bronna

Ty Bronna works with homeless young people (aged 16-21) in Cardiff to provide them with accommodation and help them into independent living. It has a heart for giving young people a fair chance in life.

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