Carolyn Kinsman, 24/05/2017
18 August 2017 - Laura explores how we can find find freedom in letting go and trusting in who God is, not being shaken by external circumstances.
Laura Johnston
28 July 2017 - Louise shares how her perceptions on the word evangelism have changed since she started working at Church Army.
Louise Essam
14 July 2017 - Peter shares his experience of volunteering at our Thanet Centre of Mission.
Peter Shipway
23 June 2017 - Annie shares what her recent sponsored walk has taught her about movement and the movement of God.
Annie O'Connor
9 June 2017 - Val discusses how God can transform any situation when all seems hopeless and fills us with his hope.
Val Thomas
26 May 2017 - As part of Thy Kingdom Come, Rachel shares about the power of prayer.
Rachel Farmer
12 May 2017 - Veronique shares what her year volunteering with Church Army's Marylebone Project has taught her about God.
Veronique Chapus
28 April 2017 - Nancy shares what she's noticed during her year working in children's ministry in the UK.
Nancy Wang
13 April 2017 - Jude shares her thoughts with us this Good Friday.
Jude Davis
24 March 2017 - As part of our Lent evangelism series, Being Salt and Light, Becky shares some thoughts with us on being how we can be salt and light with our friends.
Becky Forder
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Carolyn Kinsman, 24/05/2017