Find out more about some of the research projects that we're currently involved with.
Download and read some of our reports on fresh expressions of Church in the Church of England.
Here you will find various documents relating to the 2016 report from Church Army's Research Unit, The Day of Small Things, an in-depth look at fresh expressions of Church in 21 dioceses in the Church of England.
Find out more about George Lings' book Reproducing Churches (BRF, 2017), in which George Lings argues that the Church has a divine calling and capacity to reproduce, albeit in ways that are intentionally non-identical.
Seven sacred spaces is a booklet written by George Lings of Church Army's Research Unit.
Encounters on the Edge was a series of quarterly booklets from Church Army's Research Unit, exploring the wide range of church plants and fresh expressions to come out of the Anglican Church in recent years.
Snapshots - Stories From the Edge was a free downloadable booklet. Each issue told the story of a particular fresh expression of Church.
This section contains an ever-growing archive of talks, presentations and documents by Church Army's Research Unit.
Here are various documents we have either produced or found useful over the years.
SCOLER stands for Sheffield Centre On-Line Ecclesial/Evangelism Resources (The Sheffield Centre is the former name of Church Army's Research Unit). Also, 'scoler' in Chaucer's Middle English glossary is a noun meaning 'student'.
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The vision of Church Army's Research Unit is to live out our calling and values: seeing and communicating what God is doing in mission.
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